Lil Wayne is Not a Believer in Knicks Jeremy Lin

Common sense tells you that once Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire come back that Jeremy Lin will have to take a back seat.

He isn’t going to be able to get off 20 plus shots like he has been doing.

What you hope is that Melo and Amar’e see what is going on and blend into the system, because what they were doing before wasn’t working.

Lil Wayne who has shown he knows nothing about sports, decided to rain on General Lin’s parade.

Hard to take someone who wears white fuzzy UGGs seriously, but this is just Wayne’s opinion. All Lin can do is keep playing at a high level and that is best way to quiet critics.

One thought on “Lil Wayne is Not a Believer in Knicks Jeremy Lin

  • Wayne will transfer to the Lin Train if it goes championship bound. Bloomy might even give him a 7-day unlimited metro card too.

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