Manny Pacquiao Settles on Timothy Bradley as June 9th Opponent

I have met Tim Brady several times.

He is a very nice guy, there is nothing to dislike about him.

He is the quintessential boxer than doesn’t do anything great, but just a lot of things very well. He is young, undefeated and hungry.

The reason he dropped his former promoters and got with Top Rank was for this opportunity to fight Manny Pacquiao.  I think considering what we have seen from Manny lately he has an excellent shot.

Unfortunately the problem is no one knows Tim Bradley, besides hardcore boxing fans and even those fans know he doesn’t bring much to the table in regards to excitement to a major PPV broadcast.

Plus, he is little to no power.

Pacquiao hasn’t been in the ring with the most skilled guys over the last few years, but he has been in with some guys who had some pop and Bradley has none.

It is a hard fight to sell to the public especially in wake of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao falling through again.

I wish Bradley well, but this will be a fight many pass up.