Member of The Game’s Entourage Says He Had Sex With Gloria Govan in Matt Barnes’ Bed

What is that I smell cooking?


There had been rumors that Matt Barnes and his Almost Basketball Wife Gloria Govan had decided to get back together after a brief separation and calling off of their wedding but…………..

Barnes might want to reconsider that.

The Game had mentioned Gloria in one of his raps before and there always seemed to be something extra out there that no one knew about.

Jocks and Stiletto Jill breaks down more of the back story, so go check out her site for that.  To make a long story short a member of the Game’s entourage Avante Rose instragram a homegrown pic of Gloria Govan (see above) and that lead to the following exchange.

Is Gloria really worth all this public squabbling over?

Matt Barnes looks like El Debarge and plays for the Lakers, I am sure he could find someone a little a better that wouldn’t cause him so much grief and slander.

Always best to keep your public business out of the Twitter streets, maybe he can take a lesson from Darth Kobe.

5 thoughts on “Member of The Game’s Entourage Says He Had Sex With Gloria Govan in Matt Barnes’ Bed

  • That’s what they want. Don’t feel for neither of these morons. Who you’re with is a true reflection of who you are. #thatisall

  • Matt Barnes fell for one of the oldest tricks in the rap game.

  • Matt Barnes ethered his ass tho lls

  • “Yo bitch come off the bench just like you do!” It’s extra funny because it’s a jab at ole boy from two different angles and it’s really true.

    Back to reality though… is this how the fabled Lakers team want to be represented. I’m an entreponegro and even I realize that your conduct is a reflection of your employer at all times.

    Come on, Man!

  • yOU KNOW WHAT IS FUNNY? When it was the NHP ni99az wackwallstreet didnt want none.

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