Nicki Minaj Takes Shots at Chris Bosh On New Single “Roman Reloaded” (Video)


Just when the slander on Avatar Bosh has sort of come to halt, Nicki Minaj comes booty poppin back in trying to throw Mike Tyson Uppercuts at Chris.

If I had a label I would never sign you hoes
Take you b*tches to school than I Columbine you hoes
I hear the slick sh*t, b*tch you washed
All you hoes cryin’: Christopher Bosh

This particular song is a little better than her other new joints that have been released, but still not that great. Sounds like she is a bit salty people are saying she went too commercial, but it is true, no need to be mad about, just keep making your money.

I actually thought the line about Eric Williams was better than the Bosh one, but I digress.


  1. nicki minaj weak as fuck, while she talking chris worth almost 4 times as much as she is, maybe she should be crying,

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