Pats Brandon Spikes Almost Cries & Professes his Love After Meeting Kobe Bryant


I think once Kobe Bryant retires people will appreciate how great he was.

People now are realizing they are watching one of the greats wind down his career.  Kobe has been in the league for 16 years and came in the league when he as 17.

Many of us grew up with Kobe and for these younger athletes they know more about Kobe than Jordan.  Brandon Spikes maybe was a bit over excited about meeting Bean, but as he says let him have his moment.  Here are a few quotes from his Twitter account.

Man I was almost in tears ….. U guys should just let me have my moment! !!! Yooooooo I can’t believe this !! This can’t be life

I love fu*king Kobe Bryant !!!!!!!!! #PoWwWwW!

BrandonSpikes55 brandon spikes
I just talked with a god !!!!!!! #TeamKobe

Settle down a bit sir.

I am glad Kobe was able to get him out of his Super Bowl loss malaise.   He played the game of his life and should be proud of that.  I give him credit for people his ummmm feelings about Kobe out for the world to see.



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