Perrish Cox’s GF Broncos Demaryius Thomas & Alleged Victim & Testify In His Rape Trial

Earlier today we gave an update on former  Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox who is accused of raping Camille Washington.  The story was strange to begin with.

After hearing testimony from his teammate DeMaryius Thomas, Washington and Cox’ girlfriend Carthy Che it only got more confusing.

Here is what happened in court today.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas testified at former teammate Perrish Cox’s sexual assault trial Wednesday, saying that Cox carried a sleeping woman into his bed and then told Thomas: “I think she’s ready.”

Cox is accused of sexually assaulting the woman, who testified earlier Wednesday. Both the woman and Thomas told jurors they kissed on an air mattress at Cox’s apartment after meeting up at a club with Cox and Cox’s girlfriend.

“I wanted to have sex with her but I didn’t,” Thomas testified. “We hadn’t done nothing before. I wasn’t going to try nothing that night because she had been drinking. She had got drunk.”

Thomas testified that Cox then sat with him in the living room for a while. He said the woman was still in the bedroom when he left about an hour later.

The woman testified that she had a fuzzy memory of what happened that night.

Under questioning from Cox’s attorney, the woman said if something had happened with Thomas, she wouldn’t have considered it rape.

“It wouldn’t have been fine but I wouldn’t have seen it as rape if he admitted it,” she said, referring to Thomas.

She said Thomas denied that anything had happened. Later, she found out she was pregnant and contacted authorities on Oct. 28, 2010. Investigators say DNA tests indicate Cox is the father.

Thomas testified that the alleged victim jumped in the front seat with him and they started kissing as they drove with Cox and the girlfriend, Carthy Che, to Cox’s apartment.

The alleged victim testified that she didn’t think she was drunk because she said she could have between 10 and 15 drinks without blacking out.

Thomas said the woman and Che appeared fine and able to walk up the stairs to the apartment.

Che also testified but she rambled at times and couldn’t recall whether she spoke to an investigator who was sitting in the courtroom. In a question sent through Judge Paul King, jurors asked whether she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“No,” she answered.

There are so many things to try to understand, I will attempt to take them one by one.

The victim Ms. Washington and Demaryius Thomas were dating at the time. If you are to believe Thomas, Cox told him what his intentions were.

Thomas also seeing the state of mind Ms. Washington was in decided it wasn’t wise to have sex with her, which is the responsible thing to do, but he knew what Cox was planning to do and did absolutely nothing to stop him from violating the woman he was dating.

If your your boy tells you he is about to have sex with the girl you are dating and you know she is passed out would you do nothing to stop it?

Odd choices by Thomas, that leads me to believe he didn’t have a problem with it.

The alleged victim Camille Washington has her own set of issues. It is clear she wanted Thomas, it is also clear by her own account she gets heavily intoxicated when she goes to party by consuming up to 15 drinks.  I don’t care who you are if you consume 15 drinks of any kind bad things may occur.

She has even a bigger issue though to overcome.

She remembers vaguely what happened, she assumed it was Thomas and would have been ok with it i was him. When she became pregnant and Thomas denied it was him, she went to the police saying she was raped.

The question the jurors are asking themselves is can you claim rape just because you were so drunk you confused what football player you were sleeping with?

It is a valid question that the defense is raising.

Perrish Cox’s girlfriend is not doing anyone any favors coming to the courtroom so unprepared one of the jurors thought she was drunk. She also testified that she doesn’t remember much because she was passed out herself.

Classy lady.

As for Cox…………….


Let’s count the fails…

1- Having sex with passed out woman…FAIL
2- Having sex with passed out woman who dates your teammate…FAIL
3- Having sex with passed out woman with your girlfriend in the same apartment...FAIL
4- Having sex with passed out woman without a condom…FAIL
5- Having sex with passed out woman without a condom and ejaculating inside her…FAIL
6- Lying to police about having sex with alleged victim…FAIL

If Cox is convicted the main reason is because he is one of the biggest idiots in the history of sports and that is saying a lot.

3 thoughts on “Perrish Cox’s GF Broncos Demaryius Thomas & Alleged Victim & Testify In His Rape Trial

  • Wow….what an on going story….so Camille wants Thomas to be her baby daddy…..Thomas is tappin dat but has no serious intetntions towards her…that’s why he gave Cox the go ahead to get himself some….where the hell was Cox’s GF while he was screwing Camille???…was she in the other room sleep???….I don’t believe Camille was totally out while Cox was doing her…Cox & Thomas could have ran train on her and she would be ok with it IF the baby had belonged to Thomas…..

  • I have found this case extremely confusing from the first time I read about it months ago. I agree with everything that LB wrote. What kind of a man (I use that term loosely in this situation) lets his boy make comments towards messing with his date/girlfriend and allows them to begin foreplay? Thomas knew Cox wanted to have some type of relations and eventually ended up leaving the apartment without Camille. Camille has also said that she felt like she had been raped, but still continued to hang out with her alleged raper(s). I personally don’t believe that he raped her; I think that he kept his mouth shut and said he never had sex with her because he didn’t want his girl finding out he’d messed around on her. If the DNA test would have come back negative then this case would have no legs to stand on. This entire situation is just weird, weird, weird.

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