Philly Radio Host Howard Eskin Suggests Female Journalist Keeping Cris Carter out of HOF

The whole Hall of Fame process is flawed.

Some members have way too much power and personal biases have kept people out of the Hall of Fame for a long time (see: Art Monk).

If personal beefs did not exist both Terrell Owens and Randy Moss would be first ballot Hall of Famers when they come up from enshrinement, but I have been told by people much more connected than me, that T.O. may never get in and Moss is iffy for 1st ballot.

Cris Carter has been a lightening rod for a lot of people.  Cris Carter is a hall of famer, I don’t hesitate when I say that,  but he can’t seem to get in, is it because some of the members have a personal bias against him? Philadelphia Radio Host Howard Eskin seems to believe so.

Many a theory has been put forth to explain why Cris Carter was once again snubbed for the Hall of Fame. One possibility: that Carter is being kept out of the Hall for some personal reason. Many have theorized that Carter’s prickly relationship with the press over the years might be playing a role.

That notion gained more credibility today thanks to a tweet from Philadelphia radio host Howard Eskin. Eskin’s tweet reads, “WR Cris Carter didn’t make the Pro Football HOF I was told b cause female voter has personal problem w CC. Cost 4 votes. Missed by 1.” The female voter with the CC problem isn’t identified but only two women are listed as Hall of Fame voters at the present time: Nancy Gay of and Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.