Pilar Sanders Claims In Legal Docs Deion Sanders Offered Money for Sexual Favors


Totally off topic, but don’t men always bargain for sex?

I dated a girl who had a late night Ice Cream fetish.  When I say late night, I mean like 1am.  So, I would tell her if she wanted me to go out in the cold to Walgreens, she was going to have to do something for me.

Sex is always a negotiation, in some cases.

In this case, Pilar is saying she is broke and Deion tried to use that to his advantage.

Pilar has filed an emergency motion in a Texas courtroom .. claiming the NFL legend has canceled her credit cards and left her without any financial means to support herself and their children … and she needs the judge to force Deion to give her money so she can survive. 

In the docs, Pilar claims, “Since [Deion] filed for divorce on December 21, 2011, he has given [Pilar] $300.00 and offered her money in exchange for sexual favors.”

She then notes, “Pilar turned down the money.”

Pilar is begging the court to force Deion to give her money stat … claiming “The children and I have lived in survival mode for several months, and the emotional toll on all of us is palpable.”

Who do you believe?

Will Drake come out with a song dissing Pilar?

Could this have waited until after the Super Bowl?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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