Pro Football Weekly Luck vs. RG3 Black and White Cover Causes Controversy

Is this racist?

Not at all, but…………

Here is what happened. I am speculating, but I am 95% sure this is what went on in the offices of Pro Football Weekly.

The guys were all sitting around thinking….

“We need a headline that will get the people talking.”

Then someone suggested the “Black and White” thing and someone else was like that is cool, but we don’t want to be seen as racist.  Someone way in the back of the room eating several donuts says…..

“If we put Luck in a black jersey and RG3 in a white jersey, no one could say it was racial.”

They all looked at each other and say….


Our friend Mike Freeman from CBS Sports is a very smart guy, saw through the rouse and pointed it out. It is a misdirection, but intelligent people see the subliminal message.

Once again I don’t think it is racist, corny yes, but not racist.

We can’t ignore when a white quarterback and a black quarterback are vying for the 1st pick in the NFL draft people are going to take that into consideration.

I think for the most part talent evaluators and NFL teams just want best player, but with fans and media certain perceptions are out there.

Certain draft scouts including ESPN’s Todd McShay thought RG3 should convert to WR.

In the end Pro Football Weekly wanted some free promo for their publication and they got it, so give the guy in the back of the room with the donuts a raise.