Randy Moss Says He Can Still Run a 4.35 40

We know that Moss is back, but two major questions are looming.

Which Moss is back and what teams would be interested in him. Will we see the Moss that bounced around three teams in 2010 or the Moss that was still dominant in New England?

According to Moss himself, the latter is what you will see.

“I went straight to the source,” said Evans, a teammate of Moss in New England. “I texted my buddy, Randy Moss, and I asked him … ‘If you had to run a 40 right now, what would you run?’ And he texted back, explicitly, ’4.35 to 4.38′.” Evans believes Moss, explaining that the two trained together during offseasons past and Moss “is a nightmare to work out with.” Moss is eligible to sign with teams immediately.

Moss will get picked up by team, he hasn’t burned bridges like Terrell Owens, plus he left the NFL healthy.

New England would be the ideal situation, but look out for possibly Philadelphia to poke around a bit.