Randy Moss Says He’s Returning To Football

I bet the Patriots wished Randy Moss had made this announcement months ago.

On his 35th birthday, Moss announced via Ustream that he is tired of retirement and is ready to play some football again.

“I just wanna go to a team and play some football,” Moss said in an appearance commemorating his 35th birthday, which included at one point an acknowledge of our effort to push traffic to the event by mentioning it on the PFT Twitter page.

“I said I had a surprise for y’all,” Moss added not long after showing off a bag of his hair and pointing out that it smelled “musty,” like “sauerkraut.”

He also explained that he retired because he had things going on off the field, and that his family has told him, “It’s fine, whatever you wanna do.”

I had a feeling Randy’s retirement wouldn’t last long. Moss still has at least two good years left in him and can be a good addition to a few teams that are desperate for a deep-threat wide receiver, like the Patriots.

The off season just got a little more entertaining.

“Straight  cash homie.”