Remember Vince Young? He Will Be a Free Agent Anyone Interested?


The Eagles plan to sign Trent Edwards to be their new back up quarterback to Michael Vick and effectively ending Vince Young’s time with the club.

In a league that is always looking for quarterbacks, no one mentions the potential of bringing in Vince Young.

Is his reputation that damaged that no one sees him as viable starting quarterback in the NFL anymore? Kevin Kolb got a ton of money last year for a small body of work and was terrible.

Ryan Fitzpatrick got paid off six good games and then was atrocious in the second half of the season.

Someone is going to pay Matt Flynn a franchise quarterback salary based off two games.

Is VY really a worse quarterback than those three? His reputation is in the toilet and lot of that is his own doing, but at least we know what he can do on the field.

If his mind is in the right place, should a team like the 49ers or Browns take a look?

I think they should.


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