Report: Allen Iverson Could Have Been on The Lakers, But Refused to Go to D-League

I thought Iverson said he was willing to do anything to get back into the NBA?

I guess anything except humble himself and go to the D-League for a couple of weeks to prove he can still play.  This is according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Iverson was nearly a member of the Lakers, according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, but he apparently wasn’t willing to meet their demands. Not only he have had to practice, according to Smith, he would’ve had to do it while wearing the jersey of their D-League affiliate L.A. D-Fenders.

The Lakers also put in a waiver claim on Jeremy Lin, but teams with worse records were ahead of them.

AI, in my mind, doesn’t really want to put in the work to get back in the league in my opinion, he still sees himself as the Allen Iverson’s of old, but that isn’t the case.


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