Report: Knicks Will Trade Anyone For Dwight Howard Except Jeremy Lin

I find this hard to believe.

They gave Amar’e $100 million, big contract to Tyson Chandler, traded their whole team for Carmelo and Jeremy Lin is their untouchable piece after a good two weeks?

Just seems odd, but here is the report.

“I’m positive the Knicks have called just in case Dwight changes up,” an Eastern Conference GM said. “I’m sure they’ve offered a combination of everybody, excluding Jeremy Lin, of course. Otis deserves a lot of credit for not putting it out on the street which teams have offered what.”

Think interim owner James Dolan might be willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy management and slink away with Howard? To be precise, make the Magic as whole as possible and keep multitudes of fans coming to Amway Arena.

Would the Magic accept Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler … Amar’e Stoudemire and Chandler … 

I don’t see it happening.


But it won’t be to the Knicks, moreso wishful thinking.


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