Rex Chapman Proves Public Sensitivity Over The Race of Jeremy Lin

Former NBA Star and University of Kentucky standout Rex Chapman’s tweet yesterday regarding Jeremy Lin and new teammate JR Smith had very little to do with race. The people who shrugged off the Chink in the Armor story are not even going to notice this one. That doesn’t mean people aren’t going to get swept up in the race aspect of this story.

It is probably more of a commentary on JR Smith as opposed to anything, and if you ask me, its pretty damn funny.

Is it racist to say that JR Smith was playing with people who look like Jeremy Lin? No way.

This isn’t a penis size joke, this isn’t a yellow mamba joke, this isn’t some dry cleaner, nail salon or good at math joke. People who are calling this “racially charged” need to sit down and drink a Capri Sun and watch a little Matlock or something.

For his part, Chapman’s response was pretty clear on his feelings about what he said.

Also when somebody indicated he would get fired for his comments, his response was a simple “you can get fired from Twitter?”

21 thoughts on “Rex Chapman Proves Public Sensitivity Over The Race of Jeremy Lin

  • Wow you don’t see how that is racist? Amazing don’t know if you are black or not, but whenever someone makes a criticism of Obama black people scream racism, yet Rex CHapman saying if JR Smith didn’t play in China he wouldn’t be able to recognize his point guard? Go screw yourself you racist bastard. EVen if he didn’t go to china Jeremy is the only non black and non white on the court. FUCK FACE

  • seriously, everyone needs to calm down…this whole politically correct crap has gone way beyond too far…how many non white non black players in the nba?…1…of course people will notice and say something dumb about it…so?..its dumb…racist?..nope…all it says is that people are dumb…especially on twitter!dont they know other dumb ppl read that stuff?

  • Damn, this guy is so stupid. I think white people should not say anything regarding race because they have no idea what it’s like to be degraded and racially attacked and prejudiced against everyday of their lives. They just come off as clueless, privileged and paternalistic.

  • Rex Chapman forgot to mention that JR’s baby sister is banned from the Garden for “security reasons”

  • I think that what Chapman was saying is not racial in any way. I interpret it as insinuating that J.R. Smith isn’t too bright. And from everything that I’ve read about Smith, Chapman would be correct. So forget about the racial stuff. If anything, this is just a case of someone making a tongue-in-cheek comment about J.R. Smith. (As an individual, not as a black person). Everybody reads something into everything these days. It’s gotten to the point of being downright ridiculous.

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