Rodney Harrison Says He Would’ve Beat Up Gronk For Partying After Super Bowl Loss


For the record and I am comfortable saying this.

Rodney Harrison wouldn’t have done JACK to Gronk and if he tried he would have gotten his butt kicked like the last time he tried to talk tough in the club, yeah I know about that Rodney.

Was Gronk and Patriots’ players partying right after the Patriots life the best PR move?


Is it that big of a deal?


Here is what studio gangster Rodney had to say.

Former New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison had some harsh words for tight end Rob Gronkowski on Wednesday, telling ESPN Chicago Radio 1000 that the young Patriots tight end “disrespected himself” by dancing and taking off his shirt at the team’s postgame party following the Super Bowl XLVI loss to the Giants.

“I guarantee you this, if Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, Larry Izzo, Richard Seymour or myself had been at that party, [Gronkowski] probably would have got his head rung,” said Harrison, who admitted he has not seen the video or photos of Gronkowski dancing at the party. “There’s no reason for that to happen.”

“When we lost the Super Bowl, any of my Super Bowl losses, I was so devastated the last thing I ever wanted to do was party, let alone dance or take off your shirt,” he added. “It’s just immaturity. It’s not right. He made a mistake and I’m sure he feels absolutely stupid about it at this point. There’s a time and place for everything.”

Rodney is still salty that he wasn’t a very good player after his steroid shipments stop and he allowed David Tyree to become a legend.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with a loss.

Gronk handle it his way, if Rodney wanted to cry in bed that is his way.

Get off your high horse Rodney, your jealousy is showing as usual.


  1. I find it funny that Rodney has choice words for Gronk, but completely changes the subject when asked about his ex-teammate Matt Light who was DANCING RIGHT NEXT TO GRONK.

  2. “if Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, Larry Izzo, Richard Seymour or myself had been at that party,”….they wouldn’t have done shyt….but act stupid and dance right next to Gronk…..Harrison needs to STFU and kick rocks

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