Roger Mayweather on Miguel Cotto: “He Don’t Know Sh*t”

The best part of any Floyd Mayweather fight is listening to the vocal stylings of his uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather.

The comedic value isn’t as high in print as it is with video, but if you want an interesting quote about anything Roger is willing to give it to you.

He was asked about what he thought about the matchup between his nephew and Miguel Cotto.

“He can’t do sh!t with him anyways,” Roger said of Cotto. “Because he don’t know sh!t. You seen Pacquiao whoop his a** didn’t you? Shane Mosley whooped his a** too. I thought he should have got the decision but they were fighting in New York, that’s why he didn’t get it.”

Never one to be easily impressed, Roger shot down the threat of Cotto instantly. Cotto looked solid in busting up Margarito’s right eye last month and forcing a stoppage seconds into the tenth round. Margarito was the first man to hand Cotto a defeat three and a half years ago and while his vindication was cause for applause in some circles, Roger could have cared less.

“F*** no, get the hell out of here,” said Roger when asked if he was impressed by Cotto’s display. “I don’t give a f*** about Margarito. Margarito aint sh!t. Margarito aint a pro.”

Roger was asked what his nephew would bring to the table that Cotto hasn’t seen before and his response was concise.

“Everything he aint never seen. He knows what the f*** he’s up against,” Mayweather added.

Roger finished up by pointing out that he expects Floyd to be in training camp by the end of the month.

Listen, it isn’t Mayweather vs. Pacquaio, but at least it is a somewhat interesting fight that has star power.

Hopefully the fight itself is entertaining.