Ross Shimabuku Fox 5 San Diego Sports Anchor Implies Danica Patrick is a Bitch


Remember last week when Danica Patrick went on a rant about how she didn’t like to be called sexy?

And then I went on a rant about how she isn’t, so she shouldn’t care so much?

It appears I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  Ross Shimabuku said it with his chest on San Diego Fox 5.  Take a look.

I don’t condone calling women bitches.  I think that is a disrespectful, so I think even though he just implied it , he was out of line.  What he is correct about, is Danica should be lucky someone does think she is sexy, because if not she would be unemployed.

She isn’t a very good driver, she has crashed two cars in two days and the only reason she is in NASCAR is because they need her name recognition to bump up ratings.

She is obliviously to all of this, but everyone else knows.  She is the Truman Show of race car drivers.


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