Shawne Merriman’s Friend Thought Was Going to Do Harm to Himself in Vegas, Called Cops

I never believe the PR statement about these things.

No one ever wants to say their clients were possibly having suicidal thoughts, but it is best to be cautious, so Merriman’s friend did the right thing.

Law enforcement sources tell us … officers were dispatched to Merriman’s room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel after the friend claimed he had received startling text messages from Shawne … which made the friend fear for Shawne’s safety.

But when cops arrived to the room … we’re told they talked things out with Shawne and quickly concluded he did not pose a threat to himself or others.

We spoke with Shawne’s rep … who told us, “It was an over-reaction on the part of whoever called. Shawne was fine.”

The rep adds, “He had taken some cold medicine and was having breathing issues … Shawne’s physical safety was never in jeopardy.”

Once again better safe than story.

If you ever think a love one might harm themselves do exactly what Merriman’s friend did and call for help.  Better to be wrong than to not call and have something tragic happen.