Site Gives Tips for Groupies On How to Catch Players & Ballers During NBA All-Star Weekend

Every woman isn’t a groupie.

Every woman isn’t a ho.

Every woman isn’t a Twodel.

But for those that are, there are sites available to you to help you achieve your goal in life of sleeping with a professional athlete or rapper.

Personally, I have no issues with it, it is your life and if it is your dream to sleep with D-Leaguer who has been called up on a 10 day contract because you didn’t use Google on your flip phone more power to you.

I am not going to post all their tips, just the ones I think are funny.

Rule 3: Plan For The Future

I know it’s All Star Weekend and girls just wanna have fun, but if you’re trying to snag a baller, the time is now! Go for the long haul. A quick fling is cool, but an ongoing thing is way much better. Make sure you exchange numbers and you keep in contact ever so often. If you see he’ll be in your town soon, send him a friendly reminder of what he had in Orlando. The long road is the road to riches.

Rule 4: If You’re Paying You’re Doing It Wrong

Clubs are trying to fill there venue with the hottest women and men are trying to find something sexy to take back to the hotel. Push up those titties and get your entire night paid for. Whether it’s free entry at the club, all of your drinks at the bar paid for or a comped bottle, there is no reason a ballerific woman should be paying for ANYTHING. You shouldn’t have to reach out of your pocket to even pay valet! If you’ve had to pay for anything, you haven’t worked your magic and you’re doing something wrong.

Rule 5: NBA Players Aren’t The Only Ballers So Always Look Your Best

Just because he isn’t 6’6″ and slim doesn’t mean he isn’t balling. In fact, the Baller’s you want to snag are likely not going to be athletes byway. Corporate ballers may be in town partying it up so always look your best, you never know who’s watching. Even if you’re not heading to Orlando to snag a baller, still dress to the 9, you are in competition with a lot of other women who will be in town!

Hey I have a tip for the ladies…………………………..


Be yourself and a good man will always find you.


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