Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Gets Salty at Cameraman, TV Station Calls Him a “Jerk” (Video)


Maybe Mike Tomlin is upset this is the last season of HOUSE and his part time job playing Eric Foreman will be ending.  Then I could understand the saltiness.

Either way he wasn’t pleased and it lead to this exchange and reaction from the TV Station after Tomlin dropped……

“You got enough? I’m trying to watch the game, bro.” to a Cameraman at the Ole Miss vs. Kentucky game.

KSR wasn’t kind about the incident:

Get over yourself, Coach. This is how television works. You are an NFL coach sitting courtside at a college basketball game, don’t be surprised that the producer in the truck wants your face on TV. Just keep going about your business and let the camera roll. You know how this works. Jerk.

Stylish hat by Coach Tomlin.


  1. Tomlin does come off like an asshole at times but I like that he doesn’t care about trying to cater to the media.

  2. When I was watching the game, I thought, “what a jerk.” His pal Cal probably gave him the free seats and he’s too much of a big shot for a 10 second camera shot? Get over yourself Tomlin!

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