The Allen Wranglers Throwing Party For the Arrival of Terrell Owens

T.O. will always be an interesting character.

Reminds me a bit of Allen Iverson in basketball.  Everyone knows A.I. and everyone knows T.O.

Good, bad or ugly he is going to be relevant in some way, that is why I believe at some point he is going to turn this thing around and get back on track.

It might not be in the NFL, but I think he will be ok.  Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes.

Owens has officially signed with the Wranglers and they are throwing an event in his honor.

Please join us for this public celebration and historic event. Terrell Owens is officially an Allen Wrangler. He’s officially on the player roster and ready to go. Please join us at the Allen Event Center for the “Allen Wranglers Welcoming Party for #81, Terrell Owens”. Terrell will be there as well as his co owner Jon Frankel, Drew Pearson (G.M.), Wrangler players and coaches and a special appearance by the Wrangler cheerleaders.
This event is open to the public for FREE. We will be giving free popcorn to the first 1000 fans and also be giving away free tickets to the home opener, free Terrell Owens autographed collector item limited edition Wrangler jerseys and meet and greets with Terrell and the other Wrangler players prior to kick off of our home opener on February 25th 7:05pm.
Where : Allen Event Center – 200 East Stacy Rd. Allen, Texas 75002
When : Wednesday February 8th 6:30pm start time

One thought on “The Allen Wranglers Throwing Party For the Arrival of Terrell Owens

  • I hope T.O pratctices safe sex if he decides to start screwing any of the Wrangler cheerleaders. Last thing he needs is more baby-mama drama…..

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