The Giants Win Super Bowl 46, What Does It Mean for Eli, Brady, Belichick and More

You know two sisters.

The oldest one has always been seen as the beautiful one. Head cheerleader, homecoming queen and most popular girl in school.

The youngest sister is cute and popular, but was always in her older sister’s shadow.

You are a lucky guy, you have dating them both. You notice the older sister is great eye candy. Clothes are nice, make up is flawless, but when pressure was on she would choke a bit. Says the wrong thing or trip on the run away, but she is so beautiful, that people seem to overlook it.

The younger sister is a little goofy at times, sometimes you wonder if she even cares, she went through an awkward stage when you first dated, but when you need her she comes through.

You know the older sister is the more attractive one and will always in that sense will be seen as the elite sister, but deep down when you really need your woman to come through for you, you trust the younger sister more.

Ladies and gentleman I present Peyton and Eli Manning.

As far as Tom Brady, listen closely when I say this.

Brady has been in 5 Super Bowl in 11 years, Brady walks into the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but…….

3-2 is nice, 4-1 would be better.

He played well, but not good enough, but please understand, it is difficult to get to Super Bowls, getting to 5 is unheard of.

How unheard of?

Only one other quarterback has started five Super Bowls….

John Elway and he is 2-3, so try to keep some perspective, before you slander Brady.

Bill Belichick is going to walk into the Hall of Fame as well, but it has to be acknowledge that he hasn’t won a Super Bowl since spygate.

With that being said in those two Super Bowls, he was within one drive of winning two more, so once again keep some perspective.  This Patriots’ team wasn’t a dominant team it was a masterful job by Belichick to get this team to the Super Bowl.

It was a great Super Bowl and Mario Manningham………………..

Welcome to the immortality.

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  • that “sister” analogy was stupid.

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