Tim Tebow Says He Isn’t Smashing Katy Perry

Tebow’s PR team is top notch and Tebow himself does an excellent job in shooting down rumors of alleged breaking lamps activity.  Part of his image is that he is a virgin.

Only the naive believe that, but without any evidence, he is going to ride that train until he marries some teacher from Tulsa.

Katy Perry has been trying to get on the Tebow train, but he isn’t falling for it at least not publicly.

Tebow is getting questioned about Perry during Boys and Girls Club events. From USA Today:

“No, me and Katy Perry don’t have a thing, but she’s a very good artist,” he said, smiling when asked by one of the kids in the group.

“I’m single.”

That is unfortunate, because I would be going on ALL IN.

Then again I am a sinner.


2 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Says He Isn’t Smashing Katy Perry

  • He is a sinner to for the Bible tells us so…..

  • Can’t believe people actually thought there was any truth to this story. Tebow has standards…and Katy “sold myself” Perry ain’t it. Quality please.

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