Vanessa Bryant Looking for an Apartment in New York

Could be one of the contributing factors of Kobe trying to get her back.

It is one thing to be divorced with your kids living down the street.  It is totally another thing if your kids are on the other side of the country.

Something that drastic could make a man say he would never cheat again.

Vanessa Bryant and her kids were in New York City over the weekend, looking for a big ol’ apartment … TMZ has learned.

Real estate sources tell us … Vanessa won’t say if she’s packing up and moving from California — but she definitely wants to buy a place in NYC.

Vanessa now owns 3 estates in Newport Beach, after Kobe transferred title to her as part of their divorce — which has not yet become final. And, as we first reported, Vanessa will score a total of $75 mil in the settlement.

As for whether Vanessa would move away from California … we’re told she’s aware that Lakers fans and Lakers wives don’t like her — at least that’s the way she perceives it.

Remember how they said Dean Smith was only person who could hold Jordan under 25 points?  Vanessa Bryant is the only person who can get Kobe to defer to her wishes.

Kobe should consult with Phil Jackson while smoking some good weed, so he can figure this all out.

3 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant Looking for an Apartment in New York

  • Free yourself Vanessa! I haven’t seen her as happy as she looked since leaving him. Girl was miserable, she better live.

  • For someone who’s supposedly trying to win her back Kobe hasn’t been acting like he wants her back.

    I could see him wanting her back for the kids but that’s about as far as it goes.

  • Misleading article title. Should be renamed to “Vanessa Bryant wants date with……”

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