Victor Cruz’s Salsa Dance at the Grammys (Video)

The Victor Cruz world tour continues at the Grammys.

Cruz and Mario Manningham presented an award, and of course they made Cruz Salsa (Mario was a little salty there at the end).

He is going to cash out this summer with endorsements and appearances.  I hope he milks every single dollar out of it he can, just remember the success and attention came from the fact he was a monster on the field and the Giants were winning.

He has to keep that hunger, if he does he is not just going to be a star, but a megastar in pop culture.  Hopefully he listens to those who have been there before and also observes the mistakes others have made.

He is a good kid I think he will be fine.  I will be rooting for him, because it is a very positive story and we definitely needs more of those.

Eventually though he is going to need a new dance, can’t salsa forever.

One thought on “Victor Cruz’s Salsa Dance at the Grammys (Video)

  • Manny wasn’t salty, he just delivered the teleprompter script roughly.In fact, he made Derrick Rose look like Robert Deniro.

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