Vince Carter Hosting $30k a Plate Fundraiser for President Obama During NBA All-Star


This can’t be good for the Obama campaign right?

VC is a Cooler………..

He might be secretly working for the republican party, but if you have an extra $30k sitting around and possibly want to meet President Vince Carter has your hook up.

Vince Carter may be better-known for his scoring, but the NBA star and Mainland High School graduate will be looking to make an assist to President Barack Obama by hosting a fundraising dinner at his Windermere home during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Cost of admission: $30,000.

Attorney John Morgan, a big Democratic Party fundraiser, is organizing the evening he described as “a once in a life time event,” in an email to invitees.

“The room will be filled with NBA hall of famers and future hall of famers and some musical superstars,” he said.

I wonder if VC will twist an ankle while getting his plate.