Vince Wilfork Met His Wife Bianca on BlackPlanet (Photos)

These are the type of stories you hear during Super Bowl week, but don’t believe them until you do some digging and read this.

This isn’t your typical groupie-stalks-athlete story. Vince Wilfork was a freshman at football crazy University of Miami (FL), when he first found Bianca on the singles site Vince(who also claimed to be 220 pounds, despite tipping the scales at 350+) contacted Bianca, and uttered the most ill advised 6 words of his life: “My name is Vince. Call me.”

To further prove Vince may not be dealing from a full deck, at the time, Bianca was a 23 year old single mother of two, working two jobs, including one at Taco Bell.

This is me right now…..

I have always said that Blackplanet was the precursor to Myspace and Facebook.  It was the first social media space, that in reality was an online dating service.  If you are in your 30’s and had access to one of those AOL free dial up CDs, you probably smashed a girl or two from Blackplanet.

How lucky is Bianca, from Taco Bell to the Super Bowl. That is pimpin, pimpin. I know she is glad she put that profile pic up and how about Wilfork with the smooth pick up line of “call me”.

Is Blackplanet still open? Inquiring minds want to know.

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