Warren Sapp’s Ex Wife Jamiko Claims He Owes $728K in Back Child Support & Alimony

Child Support and alimony is becoming the new IRS.

If you start to fall behind, it can start to rack up pretty quickly.  The latest young lady to claim an athlete is a dead beat dad and not showing her the money, is Warren Sapp’s ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn, who says Sapp hasn’t sent a check in a long time.

NFL legend Warren Sapp has filed documents to try and lower his alimony and child support payments to his ex-wife — and it’s no wonder … she claims he’s fallen behind in his payments to the tune of $728,100!!!

According to court documents filed in Florida, as part of his divorce judgment back in 2007, Sapp was ordered to pay $15,000/month in support for his two kids and another $45,000/month in alimony. 

But Sapp’s ex, Jamiko, claims that since March 2010, he hasn’t been following the terms of the judgment. She claims he’s been paying random amounts each month and NOTHING at all for two of the months. 

Jamiko claims Warren’s missed payments amount to $728,100 and filed a motion asking a judge to enforce their divorce agreement.

It appears that Jamiko had a very good divorce lawyer.

Getting 60k a year is a nice yearly salary for some people, 60k a month you can make it rain all month long.

I can see why Sapp wants that reduced.

Even T.O. thinks that is a bit excessive.


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