WWE CM Punk Calls Chris Brown a Coward and Challenges Him to Fight (Video)



I don’t believe anything in the WWE is real (except Wayne Barrett’s breaking his arm last night), but if this is fake, CM Punk is doing a really good job, but I still think it is a work.

After he and Breezy got into a Twitter beef the other night, Punk had went silent (WWE CM Punk Wants to Fight Chris Brown at Wrestlemania, Breezy Replies With Ether).

Not anymore.

Breezy should take him up on his challenge and Rihanna should perform “CAKE” at Wrestlemania.

I can see the wheels spinning in Vince McMahon’s head right now.


  1. I don’t think Phil is joking Rob. He’s not that good an actor but he has trained in muay thai and jujitsu. Chris needs to back away and leave this one alone. That said Vince would love this.

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