WWE CM Punk Wants to Fight Chris Brown at Wrestlemania, Breezy Replies With Ether



Chris Brown and Rihanna are breaking lamps and they have been breaking them well before his restraining order was lifted.

If she wants to get back with someone who popped her upside that head that is her business.  No one will ever know exactly what was going on in their relationship.

What we do know, is for one night Brown took it too far.

Part of being a man is being able to control your emotions regardless of what is going on around you.  It is better to just walk away than losing your temper.

People haven’t gotten over it mainly because Brown himself seems to still have some anger issues and is easily annoyed by the slightest thing.

CM Punk tried to goad Breezy into something, but for once Chris took the high road.

Chris Brown has a future in the WWE because that was a pretty solid reply, it was almost ROCK like.  This is the WWE so for all we know this is pre-planned nothing would surprise me.


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