20k Show Up to Kneel Before Tim Tebow at Vegas Church

Tebow is a good guy.

Can’t knock someone for believing in something strongly. Not the way I would go about it, but everyone is free to express their faith in their own way.

Even if Tebow doesn’t become a big time quarterback in the NFL, I don’t think his popularity will lag, it is built off a stronger foundation than completion %.

This weekend, the long lines, huge crowds and jersey-clad sports fans in Las Vegas were jockeying for a chance to get into church.

An estimated 20,000 people, including one family that arrived at 4 a.m. Saturday to be the first in line, showed up at Canyon Ridge Christian Church over the weekend to hear Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow share about faith and football.

“You get bashed against the rocks sometimes,” Tebow said Sunday at one of the church’s four weekend services. “But when you have a relationship with Christ … One of my favorite quotes is, ‘I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds it.’ I know what my rock is. I know who’s holding my future.”

If you take that final quote literally, Jesus holds the fate if Tebow will be holding a clipboard next season with the Broncos or not.