Andrew Bynum Admits to Loafing & Having Good Time During Lakers Loss to Wizards


This is one of the reasons why when Kobe Bryant goes into Marvin Harrison mode (gunning) it is hard for me to get on him too much when the 2nd best player on the team admits to goofy off and allowing the Wizards of all teams to come back from 21 points down.

The Lakers aren’t a good enough team to be slacking off against anyone.

“I was out there kind of loafing around, having a good time,” Bynum said. “It caught up.”

That is the lack of professionalism that drives a competitor like Kobe Bryant crazy and when Bryant gets frustrated he reverts to Harrison mode.

I wouldn’t panic if I was the Lakers, mainly because everyone can see what their problems are.

Nothing is going to change until they are corrected, but it would help if one of their best players took the game more seriously.




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