Baylor Brittney Griner Dunks In NCAA Tournament Game (Video)

As I stated on Twitter Griner should try to play in the NBA.

Going to the WNBA is like Antoine Walker in the D League, no need to waste her time there. Do something bold that will get people’s attention?

Apply for the NBA Draft, I am 100% sure someone will take her.

Best thing about this dunk is unlike other female dunkers in the past, she didn’t need a breakaway fast break to throw it down, she did it like a regular NBA small forward would.

Listen to me Brittney take your talents to the Bobcats.

One thought on “Baylor Brittney Griner Dunks In NCAA Tournament Game (Video)

  • This has got to be a joke. She would never make the NBA. She would be a bench player for 95% of D3 men’s teams in the country…

    Come on man

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