Blake Griffin Dunks on a Scared Channing Frye (Video)

Either go hard or go home.

When you see Blake Griffin coming you have to make a decision, either go up strong for the block or run away.  Whatever you do don’t be like Channing Frye, jump and try to run away in mid air.

That is a bad look on all levels and is the reason Blake was laughing at him while running down the court.

I am a proponent of hard clean fouls on Griffin, because it knocks him off his game, but the ego of players sometimes override what is best for the team.

Either way this is a BIG L for Frye, if blocking shots was a game he wouldn’t be MVP.

2 thoughts on “Blake Griffin Dunks on a Scared Channing Frye (Video)

  • He isn’t stupid. A hard foul on Blake results in a tech, ejection, fine, and possible assault charge.

    • and I forgot, suspension!

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