Brittney Griner Two Hand Dunk (Slaps Backboard) & Why She Should Play in NBA (Video)

I said this a few days ago and I am sticking to it.

Griner needs to try to play in the NBA. Yes, she can make a lot of money overseas in Russia or China, but if she applies for the NBA Draft she becomes a WORLDWIDE story.

Only women basketball fans (all 42 of them) know who she is now, the general public has no clue. There is no downside is trying to play in the NBA.

If she fails, so what? It was a long shot anyway, she can still go overseas and make her cash. Does she need an agent? She needs to listen to my words.

Women always talk about doing things as well as a man, well here is a chance to prove it.  If the White Mamba can play in the NBA why can’t Griner?

2 thoughts on “Brittney Griner Two Hand Dunk (Slaps Backboard) & Why She Should Play in NBA (Video)

  • Griner is a beast among her female peers, but there’s no way in hell she would even make an NBA D-league squad. Any NBA coach, scout, or general manager with half a brain knows this. That’s why no NBA team would give her an opportunity unless they’re only craving publicity like she would be.

  • It’s not unprecedented. The New Orleans Jazz drafted Lusia Harris, but she got pregnant and never played in the NBA.

    Plus Doug Christie had to have a separate lockerroom and shower so it’s been done.

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