Celtics Trying to Trade Rajon Rondo

I know Rondo is a bit of a head case, but while the big three are all in the Twilight of their careers, Rondo is only 26 years old with a very manageable contract.

It would seem to be more prudent to me that the Celtics try to trade one of the big three and figure out a way to deal with Rondo’s personality.  Good points guards are hard to fine.

You don’t find many who on any night to drop a triple double. Then again we are talking about Danny Ainge making the deals, so who knows what will happen.

The rumors that the Boston Celtics are looking to trade Rajon Rondo received a jolt of energy on Thursday as ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that the C’s are aggressively shopping the All-Star. Broussard says that the Celtics had talked to the Golden State Warriors about a Stephen Curry-Rondo swap, but that the Warriors had backed off. Rondo rumors have existed since the point guard became relevant enough to be involved in rumors. But they have never been hotter than now.


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  • Not sure how Chris Broussard got this information since none of Lebron’s asscoiates or friends is in the Celtics organization.

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