Charles Barkley Calls NFL Players Punks and Snitches For Speaking on Bounty Program


A lot of players were quick to throw Gregg Williams under the bus when information started to leak about the bounty program he had in place.

There was definitely a lot of snitching going on.

I understand if the NFL asked you directly what was going on you have to tell the truth, but the players who are just randomly coming out of the woodwork, are acting a bit like punks.

Here is what Chuck had to say.

You have to be a punk to snitch that out,” Barkley said. “That’s like giving a reporter an anonymous quote. That makes you a punk, if you do anonymous, but also, you don’t bring that out x amount of years later. I mean you don’t compete in it if you don’t want to be in it. But I’ve seen at least three or four well-known NFL players say all teams have bounties. So I’m glad they came to Gregg Williams’ defense. Because I’m pretty sure all teams have that.”

Gregg Williams got caught and in the new age media world we live in, it will be blown up into a huge story as everyone will be trying to get their 15 minutes of shine off it.

So, don’t be surprised when more “snitches” come out.




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