Charles Barkley Wears Dress in New Weight Watchers Ad (Photo)

As long as the check clears as wise man once told to me.

His point being that people can say what they want as long as the money makes your way into your account.  With that being said the check would have to be very large for me to put on a black dress like Chuck.

Starting in April, Barkley will unveil a new set of TV commercials and here’s a first look at a photo in the ads.

In the “Lose Like a Man” campaign, Barkley provides commentary on topics including the “man food” he is never deprived of, reasons why guys don’t diet, dieting on your own and being a role model.

“You can’t give fat people small meals and think they’ll stick to the plan,” Barkley said. “I had to learn how to change my eating habits. Let’s be real: You see anyone who gets fat eating fruits and vegetables? So I’m starting to eat more of them now!”

Here is the video.

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  • lmao..i think i love him just a little bit more now… a man kinda way…..cmon …oh crap

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