Colts Dwight Freeney Financial Advisors Stole $2.2 Million From His Account

I don’t care if it is $1 or $100 million, I would have to be aware where all my money is going.

I know being an athlete is hard work, but you have time to check your money, you aren’t that busy.  Don’t trust anyone except yourself.  Don’t end up like Dwight Freeney.

While Indianapolis Colts stud Dwight Freeney was crushing NFL QBs … 2 financial advisors allegedly sacked him in an embezzlement scheme involving millions of dollars, luxury hotels, and a private jet … TMZ has learned.

According to the Federal complaint — obtained by TMZEva D. Weinberg and Michael A. Stern were busted late last week after a lengthy investigation revealed how they “conspired to defraud victim D.F., a professional football player.”

According to the docs, Weinberg is a financial advisor at Bank of America who worked with Freeney, controlled several of his accounts, and introduced him to Stern … also a financial advisor.

The feds claim Weinberg and Stern did major damage between May 2010 and October 2011 — making $2.2 million in fraudulent transfers from Dwight’s accounts to Arms Reach Consulting — a company controlled by Stern.

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