Deion Sanders Wants Pilar’s Lawsuit Dismissed Because Gold Digging Ho Comments Are True

As the Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce drama drags on into the spring the back and forth between the two has become played out like a bad WWE angle.

Pilar filed a $200 million lawsuit against Deion after Prime’s daughter went on a Twitter rant calling Pilar a Gold Digging Ho, but Deion says the lawsuit isn’t valid because the words ring true.

Pilar sued for defamation, plus a laundry list of other things like fraud, slander, libel, civil conspiracy and emotional distress — claiming Deiondra and Deion have been out for her for years … and the Twitter outburst was just the latest example.


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But now, Deion’s firing back … filing a response to the lawsuit — insisting Pilar has no grounds to sue for defamation … because Deiondra wasn’t lying when she called Pilar a “gold diggin’ h*e.”

In fact, Deion insists, his daughter’s Twitter insult is TRUE — claiming, “Any statements made by any defendants were true, did not create a false impression … and were not malicious.” The last part is less believable.

Deion also claims the “h*e” insult didn’t actually hurt Pilar’s reputation — especially not to the tune of $200 million.

You can’t sue someone for slander if what they are saying is true, which is the reason why I have never been sued.

$200 million is a bit much, saying that it wasn’t malicious though is crazy. I saw the entire Twitter Rant by Deiondra and malicious is just one word that would come to mind.

I am sure we will be back next week for a new episode of the As the Sanders Turns.