Dennis Rodman Owes Over $800k In Child Support, Claims He is Broke

My first thought was how do you even get close to a million dollars behind in child support?

Then I saw that some judge in the United States of American awarded his wife $50k a month in child support.  Unless that childen grow like Andre the Giant why in the world would a child need that much money monthly?

But, whatever the case that was the judgment and Rodman hasn’t being paying.

Dennis’ ex-wife Michelle Rodman filed new papers this month, claiming The Worm owes $808,935 in unpaid child support for his 9- and 10-year-old children — and an additional $51,441 in unpaid spousal support.

But Dennis’ attorney responded to the filing, insisting there’s no way the Chicago Bulls legend can pay those bills — because “Respondent Dennis Rodman is broke and cannot afford any additional fees.”

According to his lawyer, Dennis is also “extremely sick” and just isn’t making the same bank he made back in his heyday. The lawyer does not specify the nature of Rodman’s illness. 

I don’t think Dennis Rodman is broke.

Not in the traditional sense, but I don’t think he makes enough money to pay $50k a month, so maybe an arrangement can be reached on an amount that fits more in with his current income.

Makes you wonder why anyone famous or rich gets married, it is a losing bet.


3 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman Owes Over $800k In Child Support, Claims He is Broke

  • If you are a pro-athlete, Do Not even think about marrying until you are retired from your respective sport.

    If you do get married, make sure it is someone who knew nothing about sports or that you played them. Otherwise, you’ll just be a cash-cow for another jump-off…..

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