Drew Brees Says He Didn’t Know Anything About Saints Bounty Program


My opinion is that Brees is lying.

It is all semantics.  He might not have been in the room when they organized it or when they paid out, but there is no way the leader and quarterback of the team wasn’t aware some cash was being exchanged for big hits.

I just don’t believe that, but it is good PR for him to say he knew nothing about it and people will blindly believe him.

There is no place in the National Football League, or any sport played at any level, for players to conspire, to be coerced, or to be incentivized to intentionally injure another player. I did not participate in any Bounty program, nor did I have any knowledge relating to its real existence. I have spent the last several years as an Executive Committee Member of the NFLPA making health and safety a priority and I am proud of the advancements we’ve made and will continue to make.



  1. He’s still looking for his multi year multimillion dollar contract. He isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds him.

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