Duke’s Austin Rivers to Turn Pro

Attitude wise Austin Rivers has a little Reggie Miller in him and that is a good thing. One thing you need when you go into the NBA is a little arrogance.

And not arrogance off the court because all NBA players have that, but arrogance on the court. You have to believe you are the man at all times, but then have the game to back it up.

There were certain limitations that was put on Rivers at Duke and that might help him in the long run in the NBA, but we will see soon enough.

The first one of the one-and-dones is done.

Duke freshman Austin Rivers will sign with an agent and enter the NBA draft, CBSSports.com reported Friday morning.

One thought on “Duke’s Austin Rivers to Turn Pro

  • Wow congrats on making moves, but way too early in my opinion!!!!!!! Develop that game young man!

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