Dwight Howard Wants Magic to “Roll The Dice” & Not Trade Him So He Can Become FA

Dwight Howard has said a lot of stupid things since the time it was clear that he wanted out of Orlando.  He has subtly and bluntly let it be known………


But, if the Magic had any inclination that Howard was going to stay with the franchise, it should have been killed last night.  Here are Dwight’s comments after the Magic beat the Heat in overtime.

“We’ve been talking, like I said, for a while,” Howard said after leading the Magic to a 104-98 overtime home victory against the Miami Heat. “I told them I want to finish this season out and give our team, give our fans some hope for the future. But I feel they have to roll the dice. It might be tough, but I feel we’ve got a great opportunity. But they’ve got to roll it.”

“I think we’re going to hit our peak at the right time and we’re going to make a good run,” said Howard, who would not address whether he’s now considering a long-term stay. “That doesn’t matter. This moment is what matters. Like I said, we have a great opportunity. We got a good shot.”

I am pulling out the BSO translator to tell you what Dwight is really saying.

“The Magic have a better team this year than the Nets do and I want to play in the playoffs this year. I know Magic can’t get to the Finals, so I will just say I gave it a good run but I need to go to place where I can win Championship, even though that is BS.  I am really more interested in being a star than a champion.  The Magic should be happy I am willing to stay with them the rest of the season, but my plan is to sign with the Blue Ivys, Mavs, Lakers, Heat, Clippers or whoever and they don’t have to give up any good players to get me. The Magic will be ok, they still have Mickey Mouse.”

Who rolls the dice knowing that they are already going to lose.  The point of gambling is to play the odds.  There is a reason certain bets are called “Longshots”.

The Magic have no one to blame but themselves if they crap out.