Eagles LeSean McCoy: “I’m on a Dream Team, We’re Guaranteeing a Championship”

What is wrong with these guys?

You would think the Eagles would have learned from their mistakes last year, but obviously not.  DeSean Jackson guaranteeing Super Bowls and now LeSean McCoy wants to make sure no one forgets the Eagles are THE DREAM TEAM.

Eagles Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy guaranteed a championship for this year’s squad during an appearance (with Arian Foster) on ESPN Wednesday morning to promote the new Madden 13 video game.

“I’m on the ‘Dream Team,’ this year we’re guaranteeing a championship and I would love to be on the Madden cover,” McCoy said.

I love McCoy as a player, but the Eagles need to tone this down.

They are having a nice off season and to be honest they are loaded with talent on offense and defense.  They are prime for a Super Bowl run, but don’t tempt the Football Gods.

Andy Reid please shoot off an email and get control of your squad.