End Zone Flipper Bengals Jerome Simpson Pleads Guilty to Drug Charge

Considering what the police originally charged him with, Simpson is getting off pretty light. It is possible he maybe sentence to some jail time, but he also might get out of that as well.

How Dictator Goodell might handle it, is a totally different situation, but better a couple of games suspension than multiple years in jail.

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson has pleaded guilty to a drug charge as part of an agreement with prosecutors that could send him to jail. Simpson was indicted for trafficking in marijuana after a shipment from California was tracked to his home in northern Kentucky, he pleaded guilty in Kenton County Circuit Court on Thursday to a felony count of a prohibited act relating to a controlled substance. The agreement with prosecutors includes a recommended 60-day jail sentence that would include a work release provision. Judge Gregory Bartlett set an April 5 sentencing hearing on whether to accept it. Simpson also faces a suspension from the NFL for violating its conduct policy, he’s a free agent after completing his four-year deal with the Bengals.

Still don’t know how stupid you have to be to have weed shipped to your front door. He deserves the 60 days for being idiot.

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