Floyd Mayweather’s Fiancée Shantel Jackson Graces Cover of Nine5Four Magazine (Photos)


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I believe this magazine is owned by J Prince who always runs Rap-a-Lot records (label is still in business right?).  He also use to do some advisory work early in Mayweather’s career, so it makes sense he would put Miss Jackson on the cover.

Here are a few snippets from the interview.

N54: I know that you are engaged to Floyd Mayweather. When did you and Floyd get together?

Well Floyd and I met in Atlanta, at a hotel, in valet and that was over 5 Years ago now

N54: Does Floyds focus and determination inspire you in any way?

Yes very much so, I look at Floyd’s work ethic in boxing and I always tell myself that’s how I need to be with my career. Nonstop, and aggressive.

N54: What is a big misconception people have of you being the Fiancé of Floyd Mayweather?

That all I am is arm candy, or a gold digger. Which is what they say about any woman who’s with or dating a celebrity. But nither are true; I’m way More than superficial.

N54: Do the Blog Rumors get on your nerves at time?

No, because things that aren’t true shouldn’t bother you, but the funny thing is it’s amazing what these blogs can come up with. They have me Shaking my head asking myself where they pull their stories from.

N54: What is the craziest thing that you have read about yourself or Floyd?

The craziest about myself is…. That I’ve gotten my dimples done. I didn’t Even know that was a procedure. Lol and Floyd well they always have him dating someone new.