Former Eagles WR Freddie Mitchell Accused of Tax Refund Scam

As soon read the headline I was like…….

“I am not surprised”

FredEx just seems like the type who would do a tax refund scam, don’t ask me why he just does.

FOX 29 in Philadelphia reports that Mitchell faces IRS charges arising from a tax-refund scam.  Specifically, Mitchell and two others allegedly filed false tax returns on behalf of a professional athlete known only as A.G., seeking refunds ranging from $170,000 to $1.9 million, and attaching false documents to support the claims.  The group also allegedly charged A.G. $100,000 for tax preparation services.

Mitchell’s job was to recruit the athletes, and then Jamie Russ-Walls or Richard Walls filed the returns.  They also allegedly filed false returns for Mitchell’s company, Chameleon Enterprises, seeking more than $2 million in phony refunds.

These are serious charges that could land Freddie in jail.

Where he better keep his hands to himself.

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  • He can tell his famous 4th & 24 story in prison…..

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