Friend Set Up $32 Million Nest Egg For Allen Iverson That He Couldn’t Touch Until He is 55


This has to be the greatest friend of all time.

If more athletes had friends like this as oppose to those who just leach off them they wouldn’t go broke.  The New York Post has the news of a nest egg for AI that will ensure he won’t have to go to the soup kitchen in his later years.

Though Iverson’s insolvency was assumed by many when that news broke last month, the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey, through “a person with a firm grip on the situation” reports that Iverson has an account worth $32 million that he cannot access until he turns 55 years old that feeds him $1 million annually.

I wouldn’t take this as 100% truth because to be honest when your source says they have a  “firm grip of the situation” that could just mean they overheard something while playing XBOX.
I hope it is true, because if it isn’t that means someone is just trying to put a smoke screen over the fact A.I. has blown all his money.


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